Passionate Freelance Graphic Designer: Print & Digital, plus Photographer, based in Johannesburg, Verity-Alexis Green./


Agency-level work at freelancer rates!

Working with SMEs and corporates to build meaningful identities and brands to grow their business. Connecting your target audience with your brand; whether it is to attract new customers or create good habits with existing clients through campaigns designed for your company/brand.


Ardently creating covert beauty in life remains my passion. First Love & my reason for living! Not only do I create but I am a business entrepreneur at heart. Would have to say that business & creating go hand in hand, oil & water but with the correct spice, it can conjure up a real treat! Enhancing life with my arts & nourishing a thirst for the ever-seeking enthusiast creature – which depravity encapsulates at the day end. Only a decadent creation can recapture lost youth in one’s mind & eye.


Photography what it means to me 

Capturing moments fulfilled with overwhelming emotional qualities – that heave you into the artwork. Playfully each view conspires a new story upon each on-looker. Creating juxtapositions using colour, styling, and the varying personalities of the subject matter.

Visionary creative & business entrepreneur; a young woman outspoken, driven & vivacious.





Brands require a strong strategy with design and marketing. Specialising in both Digital & Print media with Content creation, Corporate identities, Social media and WordPress Websites. Campaign driven monthly or depending on your budget. With the ability to offer in-house photography to compliment designs conceptualised by Cest bien.


Is you brand a little out of date? Re-branding is a must to stay in trend or to convert new customers. Cest bien works one-on-one with our clients to strategise a new look and marketing techniques to bring in new leads. Starting small as a new look for the logo, revamping your website or as simple as keeping up-to-date with latest trends in social media.


Cest bien is a through-the-line agency, full service agency. From conceptualisation through to execution. Strategic and tactical campaigns. Print & Digital campaigns. Working with SME’s and larger corporations. Cost effective, working within budgets to execute the campaign within an appropriate time span.


Working in both Print & Digital. Advertising. Print – Posters, Postcards, Brochures & flyers. Re-branding/Branding or creating Corporate Identities – Logos, business cards, letterheads. Digital; Social Media & WordPress Websites, as well as conceptual design of Websites/Apps, excluding coding.


WordPress is the best sort after CMS system. Cest bien offers services to maintain websites or trains the client to maintain the website themselves after completion of design. We specialise in business, restaurant, magazine, blogs or community based websites. Unfortunately Cest bien has not ventured out into the e-commerce sector.


Social media is crucial in modern business’. Working hand-in-hand, developing the monthly campaign within a reasonable budget. Cest bien offers campaign strategy, design, paid media, and maintenance for the client. This helps the client concentrate on the business and not trying to keep up-to-date with trends on social media.


It is important to structure a modern campaign strategy. Working closely with the client & within a reasonable budget, bringing in new leads, never-mind keeping current clients happy. Combination of print & digital campaign strategies for the client. From concept through to final execution.


Save the environment & yourself the hassle of printed forms. Interactive PDF’s gives the end user far more control and accuracy with this technology. No more terrible hand writing to decipher to enter for data capture or the ability to navigate to certain sections quicker. Best part is that you are able to insert videos, links, audio files and interactive form fields. Saves company money, plus if you care about saving trees, bonus!


Create the perfect magazine for your business, whether it is print or digital. Working from concept through to monthly/bi-monthly or which ever time frame you chose to do the execution. Cest bien takes on small through to large corporate accounts. There are no restrictions with the amount of pages. Photography is a secondary cost, working with myself as the photographer, other photographers or stock websites. Local or international clients.



Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is the ability to capture the essence of the subject matter. Utilising light, studio or backgrounds and certain poses. This is the expression communicating important aspects for a purpose, whether its a simple portrait or aspects of the subject matter.


Lifestyle photography is used to tell stories about peoples lives or an inspirational method of modern depiction of a subject. Mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday.


Fashion photography is a denotation to display clothing, accessories or products with the business of the fashion industry. Predominately often for advertisements or fashion print or digital magazines and e-commerce websites.


Notably important to capture your business or private functions. Making an eternal memory last with photographs taken of the special moments. These give you the ability to show off your memories with others and enabling them to join in your special moments. Commercial event photographer, specialising in Corporate functions, launches and gala dinners.


Encompassing all moments with passion to capture one of the most important days of your life. Not forgetting to document the engagement proposal, engagement party, Bachelors/Bachelorette, pre-couple shoot and lastly “THE WEDDING DAY”. Packages are available for those who want to document each aspect of this momentous occasions. Mainly in Johannesburg on weekends or public holidays.


Product photography concentrates on literally that the product. Whether its depicting size, shape , colour or even a “How to use the product”. Usually studio or lifestyle shots determined by the clients need; from simple products in action, group photos of a product line, product packaging or still life shots.


Nude photography is very personal, the subject may choose to be partially cover or fully exposed in a manner that compliments the person. Various reasons for nude photography, one being a personal shoot, or that of an educational study. Artists may decide to capture their muse and later use those photographs to create their own creations. Care is taken to not expose the client, no photographs are used without explicit consent. Taken in studio or a safe environment such a rented property agreed upon by both parties. If you chose to have a person on set to make you comfortable, that is completely viable.


Photo retouching is a specialised area. Cest bien mainly does portraiture or product retouching. Ranges from small items or full retouching. Example would be a persons skin tone or texture. Products get retouched for e-commerce or catalogues. If retouching another photographers images, full permission on their behalf has to be expressed in writing.


Tolaram & Tulsidas

Been working with Alexis for over a month now. Great service, looks after her customers well, great follow up! Haven’t had a “NO” from her for any corrections or updates! Click well with me! Highly recommended!

Schanelle Denton

Alexis is a wonderful photographer. I love the photos that she took – her digital editing skills are incredible. Very talented in this field- would highly recommend her services!

Miranda Wilson

Alexis is an amazingly talented photographer and artist, with a great ability to conceptualize and visualise designs and ideas.

Head 2 Tail

Alexis is very professional and her work is fantastic. Highly recommend her.